BIT BAU 2020

Festival Branding for BIT Bau 2020. BIT-Bau is a information and educational day at the "Building Institute" of the Technical University in Graz. Their main problem was a Marketing Strategy that did not apply to the Targetgroup. The main focus was on getting young people and students to attend the fair and connect with the building industry.


For the main design I created a collage piece inspired by Bemsik Won, combining different architecture styles and a building crane to visualize the topic. The typography underlines the imagery in a playful and infomative way. I also laid a big focus on multi-purpose use in size, with maximum brand recognition to achieve the best possible outcome in online- and social media marketing.


I came up with a concept using a slogan in youth speech that plays with the german word "to build" (german "bau"or "bauen"), in austria we use the phrase "bau dich ein!" (engl. direct translation "build yourself in") as inviting someone to a meeting, going somewhere or hanging out.