100 YRS

For this topic you first have to analyse time. What is time? – It is something that can be perceived differently by each individual. There can be scenarios where a few minutes will feel like hours. There is »actual« time, that was defined by us. We measure time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, decades… From a historical point of view, 100 years of history passed faster than a 100 year old person would perhaps feel.


The first approach to this topic is very minimalistic: What if 100 minutes feels like 100 years? The first two drafts visualise »feels like a 100 years«. 100 years also means transience. Things pass and become grey. Everything what is left is the memory. The last drafts analyse the time span. A time span defined through numbers.


This is visualised through abstract compositions of the typography. The numbers melted together result in an abstract form visualising a time span. In the last draft this abstract is itemised and displayed as negative. In this case the time span is visualised as a smudged object.