I am Pia Pivec, a mixed media artist. After graduating college with a degree in »Product Design«, I completed my Bachelors degree in »Informationdesign«, and then went on to graduate as »Master of Arts« in the field of »Communication Design« at the FH Joanneum – University of Applied Sciences in Graz. My operating fields lie within my passions, a mixture between art, architecture, typography and graphic design. I draw my inspiration from minimalistic design approaches and collage work, and in my graphic designs, I incorporate an artistic or analog influence. In this digital age, rediscovering other techniques, or allowing an analog approach, can be key to unique form language. I create minimalistic high quality brandings and campaigns with a unique design footprint.

With my research topic being »Perceptual Illustartion of Architecture«, I focus on the location where I am currently based, in the city of Graz, Austria. This allows me to focus on the city architecture in another perspective, and by deconstructing the surroundings from the research object, the subject can be perceived without any deflections and in its purest form. In an over saturated world, I believe that we need to be desensitised to be able to perceive and feel our environments the way we used to. I am researching the field of perception and how perception can be translated into functioning design.  You can find the entire selection of my artwork on my Instagram »piapi.a« If you are interested in any kind of cooperation feel free to contact me over me@piapivec.com